Friday, 25 December 2015

The Risks of Aging Devices

The Risks of Aging Devices 

Today’s IT organisations are juggling constant change. The environment is rife with new security threats, and consumerisation has brought an influx of personally owned mobile devices into the workplace. Employee expectations around technology have changed; users now want the same level of flexibility with services and devices that they experience at home. Complicating matters are aging devices that can’t guard against the latest malware, run advanced software, or deliver on portability and speed. And newer, more sophisticated applications can easily slow performance on older systems, becoming a drag on user productivity. 

Manage costs and increase productivity 

Businesses are often faced with the difficult decision to either spend money upfront upgrading their devices, or stick with their old PCs. While using older devices can save you money in the short term, businesses risk lower productivity by sticking to older, slower devices.
How older devices affect your business:
29% of office workers say lower productivity is often caused by PC problems

53% try to fix their PC problems on their own, leading to a loss in productivity

3 days are lost each year waiting to boot or load a 4-year-old PC

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